[theforum] Final Data Handover - still not happened

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Mar 15 04:12:16 CST 2005

William Anderson wrote:
> Jeff Howden wrote:
>>I have an extremely busy schedule at work for the next few weeks as well as
>>very limited time, if any, at home to address the issue of zipping the
>>existing db and other media assets.  Additionally, as I'll be delivering
>>media assets this time, the total filesize of the archive will be
>>prohibitive to transfer from the machine via the net.
> Can we get a total archive size please?  I don't see why this can't be a
> rate-limited transfer to prevent flooding your connection and save time in
> terms of having to grab the data+assets, compress them, encrypt them, burn
> them to CD, package them, ship them, wait for (the possibly transatlantic)
> delivery, etc...
> Compressed I show the evolt database at the Jan 18th pull at ~ 25 meg - do
> we really have hundreds of megs of assets for the site?  Nonetheless, a
> CD-fittable amount of data transfer at around 128Kb/s (16KB/s) shouldn't
> take more than around 10 hours (1hr to pull 57,600KB, 10hrs to pull
> 576,000KB).  Can we please consider this option before discarding it out of
> hand and thus slowing the process even further?
> Zip, store in password protected area, issue URL, sit back; sorted.

Hey Jeff, any comments on this please?  The faster we get this organised,
the faster the data is downloaded.  I appreciate you're busy, but I hope
that this method looks easier to you than the hassle of burning off CDs and
posting them.

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