[theforum] 9th time and 3rd week of asking: Final Data Handover schedule

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Sun Mar 20 02:15:48 CST 2005

Martin Burns wrote:
> Evolt.org would be grateful if,
> 1) without further namecalling
> 2) without further excuses why you can't today, but maybe on unspecified 
> mañana
> 3) without further diversionary tactics
> 4) without further tarnishing the reputation you once had
> 5) without futher delay
> you would commit to a specific date when you will hand over evolt.org's 
> data.

I would hope that we could handle internal issues in at least a somewhat 
professional manner. 'Further tarnishing the reputation you once had'? Funny in 
an email where you call for no 'further' name calling.

I don't think Jeff has been particularly professional in his approach to the 
migration, but petty point making like this is disheartening. This is not why I 
joined the admin team of evolt. I already find it hard to make time to help 
evolt out, and frankly, I'd rather stop and see the end of evolt, than put in 
the time to watch it slowly degenerate into squabbling.

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