[theforum] NOT the 9th time (or, enough with the asking already)

Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Sun Mar 20 10:33:40 CST 2005

> Lachlan Cannon said: 
> I don't think Jeff has been particularly professional in his 
> approach to the migration, but petty point making like this 
> is disheartening. This is not why I joined the admin team of 
> evolt. I already find it hard to make time to help evolt out, 
> and frankly, I'd rather stop and see the end of evolt, than 
> put in the time to watch it slowly degenerate into squabbling.

> Martin Burns wrote:
> This thread is for one thing only: to maintain focus on 
> getting a date commitment. Any response not containing that 
> serves only to divert attention and delay migration and 
> therefore is being ignored.
> Cheers
> Martin

Martin, you've done an excellent job of leading the migration planning, but
I don't think that means you get to make determinations on what can and
cannot be discussed. Lach's point was well taken, in fact. And while hostile
and agressive may be an appropriate response at this juncture, it clearly
isn't getting us anywhere.

In fact, NONE of this is getting us anywhere, so...

Let's stop escalating something that isn't working. Lets stop asking and
work on something else.

Who has a backup plan? If Jeff simply refuses to or is unable to hand over
the data in a timely (or untimely) manner, that would indeed suck very hard,
but there's nothing we can realistically do about it. What are the other

As far as I know, we're only missing the last six weeks of articles, and
associated images for all articles. The six weeks of articles can certainly
be transferred in manually, and we have enough information to scrape *from
our own database* the location of the missing images. It should be possible
to compile a list and then go and retrieve those images. The retrieval
should not place an undue burden on Jeff's server because we're not actually
talking about that many from what I can see. 

John has already successfully scraped the member profile images, so we know
in theory this can be done.

As far as I can see, that would leave us missing:

* the last six weeks of comments (and commenting appears to have been turned
off recently anyway). 
* all the members who have joined in the last six weeks.
* all the password changes that have occured in the last six weeks.

Those issues could all be addressed by a new post to evolt's new homepage.
Frankly, it would be unfortunate to lose those comments and members but I
don't think it too high a price to pay to JUST PUT AN END TO THIS.

It is easy for me to suggest this as I can't actually plan or execute this,
but what does anyone else think? What else would we be missing and is the
cost of that data too high?

Personally, at this juncture, no matter *what* the remainder data loss, I
vote 1+ for "take the images and run." Enough is enough already.


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