[theforum] beervolt baby!

Madhu Menon chef at shiokfood.com
Sun Mar 20 13:01:43 CST 2005

At 23:33 20/03/2005, Morgan Kelsey wrote:

>>OK, can we all shut the [edit]fark[/edit :-)] up about this, because Jeff 
>>very kindly mailed
>>me a URL to a 59 meg zip file with all ze stuff in it at 0409 UTC this
>>morning -
>hip-farkin' hooray!
>thank $deity it's over.

And if y'all must know, Jeff told me on Yahoo messenger that he is moving 
house, hence his "busy" nature.

>but seriously folks, anyone in the area up for a beervolt?
>(i guess i'll copy thechat too)

Yeah sure, count me in. ;)

(Be sure to send me a ticket too.)

And if anyone's in Singapore between 29 March and 04 April, let's meet up. 
I'll be on a culinary pilgrimage there.

>let's get together and remember why we like
>each other...

What makes you think I actually like you? It must be those funny glasses 
you wear! p
Just because we played a couple of games of chess together...

Oops, sorry for the off-topic stuff. We now return you to your regular 

To infinity...  and beyond!



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