[theforum] Future Proofing

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Mar 21 07:46:59 CST 2005

Hi Gang,

I'm also feeling relieved that the redux of our data transfer soap 
opera has been resolved and can now be put behind us.


Who's got 'point' for putting the _real_ plan together to make sure 
this *NEVER* happens again?


-- put a monthly zip file up on BEO for random members to download and

-- snail-mail a set of CDs to selected folks in different countries on a

semi-regular basis?

-- send a paper hex dump to Madhu for wall-papering the restaurant?

-- toss jump drives in corked bottles into the North Sea and hope for
the best?

Just about all of the above seem to be advances over our current
'process' gap.



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