[theforum] moving on

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Mar 21 07:58:02 CST 2005

Joel D Canfield noted:

>>I'm almost certainly changing careers, and as much as I've loved 
>>web development over the past ten years, it's going to play a minor 
>>role from now on.

Hi Joel,

Congrats!! ... Finally got sponsorship for the naked motocross circuit,
Wow ... That makes what? ... 8 or 9 evolters now? ... The championship
in the bag!

>>It has become clear that I no longer have time to help with 
>>anything evolt.org related. 

Clearly, however, you will still find the time to pipe up on thechat!

... 'sides ... We'll want updates on how the Hamstah farm is going!

>>If my dreams of world travel ever become reality, maybe we'll meet 
>>for a pint someday

Dude ... Just make sure your upcoming 'Bassapalooza world tour' routes 
thru 'Evolt Decentralized'!

Take Care!


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