[theforum] FYI: Moving Notification

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Mar 22 15:21:25 CST 2005

On Tue, March 22, 2005 7:08 pm, Adrian Simmons said:
> Martin Paul Burns wrote:
>> Other than typos, grammar, punctuation and so on that Content can address,
>> anyone got any problems with what it's saying?
> Maybe "in alphabetical order:"
> before the list of people that have been working on teo, I'd hate to
> think people thought I had a bigger role than anyone else because my
> name is first.

Much as I appreciate the suggestions, this is a fairly time-critical article, as we've
*already* locked comment & user edits, and the members haven't had this explained to

I put it here as a courtesy, and to check I'd not made any major howlers:

>> Anyone with any serious problems with the content, or thinks there's
>> something important missing, let me know ASAP.

Anything less, Content is perfectly capable of spotting and correcting. Alternatively,
rather than relying on asynchronous email, come talk in #evolt.

I suggest Content gives it another couple of hours (say to midnight GMT) to let theforum
check that there's nothing wildly factually inaccurate, or entirely objectionable
(Adrian, speaking personally, I don't mind if ppl think you had a bigger role than you
did), then make with any spelling/grammar/markup tweaks necessary and approve it.


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