[theforum] Hiatus ...

elfur at elfur.is elfur at elfur.is
Tue Mar 29 12:43:53 CST 2005

Hey guys,

as a few of you know already I have to bail out of the evolt circle for
the next two months for health reasons.

While I will have internet access it will be limited and my time to devote
to evolt even less than that.

I truly hope that you will be able to finish the migration smoothly and
quickly and I'm sorry I'm leaving this close to launch, but at least all
the showstopper bugs have been fixed - even though a lot of "quite
important to fix before launch" bugs are still around.

I'm leaving you with a question, for you to give answer to each other:

Who's running with the db import?

Who's running with the css layout finish?

Who's running with whatever else needs to be done (oh, and who's got the
overview look of what else needs to be done?)?

And we know mike and john are running with drupal fixes, so I won't have
to ask that question :)

Sorry to be annoying like that, it's just that I'm very enthusiastic in
getting the move done - even though I can't participate in it?

<enter rudy mode>
peace and luuuuuurrve

*the icelandic one*

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