[theforum] evolt move

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Thu Apr 28 11:22:00 CDT 2005

Matt wrote on 27/04/2005 17:21:28:

> theforum,
>> 3) Implement the rewrite rule for all URL schemas not covered by
> aliases in the import
> If someone explains further what needs to be done with #3, I can do that.

Yes yes and yes again!

Here's what should be the relevent info:

Jeff wrote in the middle of a very long post:
>In order to handle existing URLs that are
>currently able to retrieve content from WEO, a dynamic system must be put

>For example, the following should all bring up the same content:

>Additionally, it'd be ideal (as there are still lots of these links out
>there) to support the old style of links, which WEO currently supports.

Further discussion on likely solution:


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