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Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Thu May 5 00:07:41 CDT 2005

Thought I'd forward this on; I'm a bit behind on 
my home email, this arrived April 30th. Should I 
respond (if so, how), or can someone else take 

Do we still need the referenced text on the 
donations page 
(http://www.evolt.org/help_support_evolt/)? I 
haven't been involved in a long time now, but 
kinda curious if that page needs updating in 
other ways. Please tell me how and I'll edit the 
text, or someone qualified please take it over 
from me. I really don't need to keep ownership of 
that particular article. Maybe David Kaufman or 
Martin or ?

Boy was my hair short back when that photo was taken...


>Hi Marlene,
>I was prompted to write when I read this on your siteŠ
>Technical donations
>At the moment we really need browser mirrors 
>hosted on sites which can do the following:
>can host at least ~ 6 gigabytes of data
>can bitshift at least ~ 50-100 gigabytes per month of traffic
>can use rsync to cope with:
>automatic incremental one-way at-most-daily synchronisation of the Archive
>symbolic links within the Archive
>If you can do that, <http://evolt.org/contact/>let us know.
>Ok, my question is, I just purchased a dedicated 
>server that is very well connected to major 
>backbonesŠ with the intent of starting a service 
>company hosting live and archived streaming 
>I could possibly provide you with server space 
>and bandwidth if you guys have someone that 
>could help me with some programming for my site, 
>I need the programming for a secure login for my 
>clients and then for them to be able to see how 
>much server space, bandwidth and other pertinent 
>account info that they need access to.
>Is that even a remote possibility or could you 
>just direct me to someone that I could hire that 
>would be very good at it and be able to give me 
>a fair price?
>Thank you for your time,
>Dave Friday
>865 693 6400

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