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Matt Warden mwarden at
Mon Jun 13 11:45:07 CDT 2005


> should we consider just turning the old site back on, and then 
> handling the new data as exceptions?


> if the data import was going to take this long, shouldn't we have 
> heard sooner?


> and now that it's clearly beyond a minor delay, should 
> we just abort it altogether?


This really is quite ridiculous. I'd feel bad about bitching if I
hadn't previously begged to do anything that wasn't already spoken for
and/or which didn't need access to The Keys in order to accomplish.

Apparently people are busy. It happens. But, please, say so, step
back, and let someone else step up.

This is more than having a 'stale site'. This is beyond embarrassment.
This is dropping the ball. This is dropping the community.

Even thelist, currently the sole form of life support for evolt, is
starting to decrease in activity.

For the remainder of my message, please copy Martin's post here and insert
an expletive every 10 or so words.

So, this is my final request: I came back to evolt a bit after this
move started, so I am not familiar with the details of these remaining
tasks. If no one else is willing to do the work, send it to me and
include enough information and access for me to get it done.

Or, if you're too busy, let evolt die -- and let it be on your head.

(Ahem. Pardon the dramatics.)

Matt Warden
Miami University
Oxford, OH, USA

This email proudly and graciously contributes to entropy.

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