[theforum] Call to arms

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Wed Jun 15 09:26:04 CDT 2005

> We need bodies to complete the following tasks. Some are specific, 
> others are quite badly defined, and therefore need definition before 
> work can start
> Please put your hand up (virtually) and offer help or definition.
> 1. Upgrade current test to drupal 4.6.1 to see if it all works. (mainly 
> for the theme)
> 2. Map current evolt DB to the drupal schema. To ease data import.
> 3. List all drupal modules that have been installed and are currently 
> active in teo.
> 4. Install new drupal base, modules and theme
> 5. Import data, using the 'map' from point 2
> 6. Test .htaccess redirects for articles.
> 7. Test, test and test again.

Maybe this to-do list or a link to the wiki should be sent to thelist as 
well, so that we can find some volunteers with the necessary skills and 
some time to spare.

BTW, I for one have no objections to Tara "taking the reins" and trying 
to make sure this gets done sooner rather than later. And, as Tara did, 
I will volunteer to test - as soon as something is ready to test :)

sarah sweeney
web developer & programmer
portfolio: http://sarah.designshift.com
blog: http://hardedge.ca

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