[theforum] An Update! [was] Call to arms

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Fri Jun 17 09:35:12 CDT 2005

Hi All,

On 17-Jun-05, at 7:44 AM, Sarah Sweeney wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but from the sounds of things, there isn't  
> currently any work going on, in which case I'm not sure how asking  
> more people to help would hurt.

Actually, there is work going on. Unfortunately, the only guy who can  
do it right now is John. But he is almost finished!

So far John has: Imported comments and Articles from the old db

He is currently working on: Importing User Profiles and installing  
the modules

When that's done he will: Upgrade Drupal to 4.6.1, and he'll "get the  
new phptemplate engine installed and enable the evolt theme, and then  
we'll see if it's f****d or not" [censoring by editor].

And as John says... "so we're an hour or two away from it's-all-yours"

Which is all very good news! Sooooo... looking at Mike King's list of  
Things To Do...

1. Upgrade current test to drupal 4.6.1 to see if it all works.  
(mainly for the theme)
2. Map current evolt DB to the drupal schema. To ease data import.
3. List all drupal modules that have been installed and are currently  
active in teo.
4. Install new drupal base, modules and theme
5. Import data, using the 'map' from point 2
6. Test .htaccess redirects for articles.
7. Test, test and test again.

The following will still need to be done after John is finished:
3. List all drupal modules that have been installed and are currently  
active in teo. [And please comment on the status of each]
6. Test .htaccess redirects for articles.
7. Test, test and test again.

Now if anyone [John? Mike?] working on it right now knows if I've  
missed an issue that will still need to be fixed, please chime in.

Can I get a volunteer to officially list the drupal modules? I have a  
preliminary list from John:
Modules we need are: excerpt, propstar, spam, trackback, htmltidy,  
subscriptions, codefilter

I will volunteer to come up with a testing plan over the weekend.  
That way we can make sure that we catch everything. Matt Warden, can  
you send me an email explaining in not-to-technical language what you  
did with the .htaccess redirects so I know what to put into the  
testing plan?

We will also need a couple of things for the announcement when  
everything is finished! Can we get a volunteer to write a draft of an  
article and an email to thelist? Or perhaps that's an issue for  
Content... ? Anyone want to take responsibility for that?

And I'm sure we could use at least a couple other testing volunteers  
next week if someone's looking for something to volunteer for.

If anyone working on *anything* to do with this move needs any help  
or resources, PLEASE speak up - or talk to me on #evolt if I'm there,  
or send me an email to tara at taracleveland.com and I will do my  
best to help get you what you need.

It looks like we're not too far away from finishing. We've got to  
keep the momentum though. So, please, get involved if you have time  
to spare over the next little while.


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