[theforum] Now that we are chugging along...

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Sat Jun 25 06:01:55 CDT 2005

Madhu Menon wrote:
> Given how we're stagnant on the Drupal move with no resolution in sight 
> for the near future (I would be happy to be corrected)

Good, since I spent the better part of two days this week junking all
the previously imported data and replacing it with the latest copy,
then making a clean install of Drupal 4.6.1, upgrading our DB to
match it and placing new versions of our required modules, the theme
engine and the theme-as-is into http://evolt.userfrenzy.com

Theme people are aware that it's hosted on Tempest in the
/store/host/genghis.evolt.org directory, and I'm waiting for further

1.  Demote jobs from front page,
2.  ....?

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