[theforum] Since when is thelist archived elsewhere?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Jun 30 08:23:06 CDT 2005

> > It seems like they've archived thelist directly.
> Yep, going back to June. It's a nicely formatted archive, but...
> > Anyone knew about that?
> No. They've never approached us.
> > What should we do?
> Well, unless they've got permission from every single person whose posts
> they have archived, they're going to have to take it down.

While I don't think what that site is doing is *good*, there really isn't
anything we can do about it. Sending an email falls under the same category
as sending a letter. When you send someone a letter, you give them the
copyright to that letter. If anyone owns the copyright to thelist it is
evolt.org as a whole. I don't think we can afford any frivolous lawsuits.

Anyway, it will be their own funeral. SEs are quickly identifying duplicated
content and demoting perpetrators.

Besides, their site is ugly, and throws JS errors.


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