[theforum] Last Chance! Test plan and other stuff that needs to get done

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 15:03:19 CDT 2005

Stephane Deschamps wrote:
> I have some remarks (no labels on fields, etc)
What were you looking at though?

I'm not sure if teo has been updated to the same version of Drupal as 
evolt.userfrenzy.com, it certainly doesn't have the most recent data.

Which begs the larger question of which site the testers should be testing...

> Is it the right time to submit a change in the top navbar?
> (icons not clickable are bad, I'm volunteering on rewriting it quickly)
Agreed, but there was general comment on the suckiness of the theme, and 
suggestions of having a competition or working on the theme more once we'd made 
the change over...actually at this rate that will be a while so you should 
probably go ahead and fix that before the testing starts :/

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