[theforum] Testing

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Jul 26 20:10:10 CDT 2005


> From: evolt at taracleveland.com
> [...] There weren't many bug reports, but I'm assuming
> that's because everything is perfect, not because it
> hasn't been tested. ;-) 

I think it's probably the most accurate to assume the lack of noise has been
due to lack of testing.  That's roughly equivalent to evolt.org's general
level of activity for the past 2 years.  Why should it be any different now?

I've given it a glance and notice numerous CSS and other problems that were
supposedly fixed in the TEO version.  One of the most glaring problems is
that article pages seem to kill Win/IE6 again.  Joy!  A fantastic example is

Also, we seem to have lost some of the sidebar things like highest rated
articles.  Where did those go?  If they were removed, when was that decision
made and where can I see a tallying of the vote?

Articles with code blocks were either incorrectly imported or there's a
problem with the HTML filter as the closing </pre> tag is missing.


What happened to the "Articles by this author" listing?  It seems to have
been, once again, replaced by a super-generic, super-confusing,
super-unuseful "track" report.

Ugh, I could go on and on, but this is starting to sound *exactly* like a
lot of the stuff I brought up, oh, a year ago now?

May I ask the question that should be on a bunch of your minds?  Why exactly
are we throwing away something that works perfectly well for something that
is broken beyond belief?

 [>] Jeff Howden
     jeff at jeffhowden.com

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