[theforum] Testing

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 09:23:42 CDT 2005

M Kelsey wrote:
> but now I'm too frustrated and bust to log anything, and
> no one seems to care about functionality (at least you
> obviously don't) so -- WHATEVER.
Great attitude. BTW if we didn't care about functionality we wouldn't be moving 
evolt to Drupal.

>>> anyway, i thought this list was for discussion on site development,
>> Nope. Check the list charter again..
> Are you sure you're looking at evolt.org and not some other site?
Possibly martin misread that as thelist, not this list...

Either way we have thousands of line so code, hundredes of files and 100 'bugs' 
listed in the tracker - this list may be a place for discussion of evolt.org , 
it sure as hell isn't a bug tracking system.

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