[theforum] Testing

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 27 09:58:08 CDT 2005


Enough with the whinging already! 

Is this evolt.org ... or catfight.org? 

(BTW - If it's _really_ "catfight", then Madhu or 
somebody better send me the link to the webcam! 
Who's got the Doritos? ... Yum!)


So Martin brings his 'work' voice to the table more 
than his 'inside' voice ... Big whup ... Deal with 
it and move on ... he took on the extremely unenviable 
(i.e. "no win" and damn little thanks) task of herding 
a bunch of part-time prima donna cats through the 
server move / site restructure.

I still think he deserves a big round of thanks for that.

Soooooooo ... How fast can we take this turkey live 
on that box we are actually paying for?

* Stuff don't look great?  Fine.  We gots a whole lot, a 
whole lot of folks on thelist willing to look, complain, 
and/or even fix that.

* Stuff don't work great?  Fine.  We gots a whole lot, a 
whole lot of very creative folks around ... A 'cool' 
suggestion/solution will emerge.  [Maybe somebody can 
even come up with something better than a **##^%&^%## 
'help desk ticket system' for bug tracking. (Sorry. 
*I* really detest those.  It's 'personal' and a 
longstanding issue for me.  My problem.)]

* Rolling out a less than perfect site will hurt your 
rep?  Fine.  I volunteer to be official scapegoat. Feel 
free to heap the blame on me!  "Oh _that_ bug? That's 
all Ron's fault. He's total pants with this stuff!" 
I don't care ... Let's move this thing forward.
(If that's uncool ... Then make up a completely 
fictitious name, say something like "Dave Winer", 
and then blame him for anything bad.)

As long as the 'right people' have the 'right rights' to 
do the 'admin shuffle' ... Let's wobble her out onto the 
dance floor and see how she moves.

The music is already playing.


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