[theforum] Testing

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Wed Jul 27 10:57:41 CDT 2005

Jeff Howden wrote:
> I think it's probably the most accurate to assume the lack of noise has been
> due to lack of testing.  That's roughly equivalent to evolt.org's general
> level of activity for the past 2 years.  Why should it be any different now?

Amen, brother.

Still, things have improved considerably since yesterday, which I'm taking
as a good thing.

> I've given it a glance and notice numerous CSS and other problems that were
> supposedly fixed in the TEO version.  One of the most glaring problems is
> that article pages seem to kill Win/IE6 again.  Joy!  A fantastic example is
> http://evolt.userfrenzy.com/node/60384.

Yup, that one's pretty cool, eh?  ;-)

Evidently someone (that'll be me) needs to run the comments through Tidy.
Looks like the repeated nesting <code> tags hit IE's 'pour all my memory
over the floor and crash if I can't figure out the rendering' thing.

Can't fix IE, can fix the comments.

> Also, we seem to have lost some of the sidebar things like highest rated
> articles.  Where did those go?  If they were removed, when was that decision
> made and where can I see a tallying of the vote?

Highest rated block's code needs re-doing post-upgrade.  No such decision
would be made.

> Articles with code blocks were either incorrectly imported or there's a
> problem with the HTML filter as the closing </pre> tag is missing.

The latter.  I didn't alter anything in the articles during the import.
Is it in the tracker?

> What happened to the "Articles by this author" listing?  It seems to have
> been, once again, replaced by a super-generic, super-confusing,
> super-unuseful "track" report.

Conflation of issues.  A missing listing is either a bug or a feature request
(I'd call it the latter if it's not release critical, and it's not).  Not
liking the entirely- unrelated tracker is another issue.

Generally speaking the only smart way to do this is to code for unfucked
browsers first and then add in the IE hacks.  A large number of outstanding
issues have been closed since this restarted yesterday, which is good.

IE problems do need to be (and will be) fixed after the non-IE ones are

I hate the bastard Zope tracker too, for what it's worth.

After that, we can at least open it.  Then do I get to complain about the
uninspired design we're working to?


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