[theforum] Testing

Martin Burns martin at uckwa.org
Wed Jul 27 13:10:24 CDT 2005

On 27 Jul 2005, at 18:59, Adrian Simmons wrote:

> John Handelaar wrote:
>> I hate the bastard Zope tracker too, for what it's worth.
> +1 on that.
> But at least Martin went to the effort of setting something up...
> I note that Drupal's project module has been enabled on  
> evolt.userfrenzy.com, I hope we can move to using that soon. It's  
> not perfect but it does the job on drupal.org and I'm sure it'll be  
> good enough for evolt.org.

Which for the record I'd be bloody delighted to migrate to, but until  
we've launched the damned thing, I'd rather us put the work into  
fixing issues than migrating existing ones between trackers.


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