[theforum] Integrated Issue Tracker

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 11:14:25 CDT 2005


I've configured a project in drupals project module and a url alias on the RC, 
so that we now have an issues page (log in first!):

I've disabled the issues and project links that the module injects into the 
menu, because they are many and I think largely irrelevant to weo. (Admin users 
can still access these via Administer > Menus if needed.)

I've added a link from the Contact form to the issues page and a bit of blurb.

I think channeling the comments/complaints/requests we're going to get on launch 
is sensible. I think having an integrated bug/feature tracker is nice because 
people can comment without signing up to another site - but it does add a bit of 

Unless someone protests greatly I'll add all the ongoing issues from the current 
bug tracker, and link back to it.

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