[theforum] Vote: Launching the site already

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Mon Aug 15 05:30:53 CDT 2005

Tara Wrote:

>On 12-Aug-05, at 10:52 AM, aardvark wrote:
>> i don't have confidence that work (historical URL redirection) will
>> be done in a timely fashion after launch... that's not a criticism of
>> the workers, but an assessment of how quickly things have gotten done
>> based on past experience...

>I think that the vote was to launch once that had been sorted.

That's correct. We accept that that's an outstanding significant issue, and
the site should not be launched without it. What I'm saying here is "When
that's sorted, and caching turned on, we'll launch." (Neglecting for a
moment Jeff's ultimatum)

There are also outstanding issues of lesser importance, and numerous
additional features we'd like, but I'm essentially proposing that - as per
the issue classification definitions the dev team have been using - these
are not release critical. No-one has raised any release critical bugs
lately, so we do not anticipate any further ones arising. (IMO, the
visibility of having these bugs still current at launch will get them fixed
faster than waiting for them to be done pre-launch).


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