[theforum] Launching the site this weekend

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Aug 26 11:24:49 CDT 2005

On 15 Aug 2005, at 19:02, Martin Paul Burns wrote:

> Well, as the closest we got to a 'no' vote was 1 abstention and 1  
> "I'll
> make you move anyway", I'm calling this one in favour.
> As soon as our capable sysadmin team make the historic URL schemas  
> work,
> we're launching the new site.

As Dean has now made the changes to get the historic URL schemas  
working, and we've enabled caching, we'll be launching over the  
weekend, probably Sunday.

The change is an Apache host switch, not a DNS one (the DNS is  
already pointing to tempest), so we won't have to wait for DNS to  
propagate, so everyone will see the new site when they get into work  
next week.

Here's the launch announcement:
which you're free to point out factual errors and omissions in. The  
development team have already had a once-over, so there shouldn't be  
much wrong with it.



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