[theforum] what's the weather like on your planet?

Mike King mike.king at redroom.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 13:53:35 CDT 2005

Hello all,

After the successful re-launch of weo (we're currently on the front page
of drupal.org[1]) there's been some time to consider more features that 
we're been missing in the grand scheme of evolt.org. One of those is 
planet.evolt.org. Somewhere we can collate all the feeds from evolters. 
(a tiny step towards evolters.org some could mutter)

If people aren't aware of planet sites, here are a few to get a feel for 
what they're all about:


There's a more exhaustive list on http://planetplanet.org/

So, I have a couple of requests:

1. Can anyone who wants to feature on the planet, please send me their 
feed URL, name/moniker and the image that they want to appear next to 
their posts.

2. CSS/Design. <http://planet.evolt.org/> OK, at the moment it's looking 
hideous. I was just looking at the structure to see how complex is is, 
and it's not at all. Anyone fancy stepping up to give it a lick of CSS 
paint? We can settle for the CSS overhaul or get right up to our elbows 
and edit the template, I'm not fussed either way and will probably 
insert the header and footer from the new site.

Shouts of joy, screams of terror and all other responses welcome.

[1] http://drupal.org/node/30026

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