[theforum] what's the weather like on your planet?

Stephane Deschamps stephane.deschamps at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 04:07:08 CDT 2005

On 8/31/05, Mike King wrote:
> One of those is
> planet.evolt.org. Somewhere we can collate all the feeds from evolters.
> (a tiny step towards evolters.org some could mutter)


> 1. Can anyone who wants to feature on the planet, please send me their
> feed URL, name/moniker and the image that they want to appear next to
> their posts.

Will do, when I relaunch.

> 2. CSS/Design. <http://planet.evolt.org/> OK, at the moment it's looking
> hideous. I was just looking at the structure to see how complex is is,
> and it's not at all. Anyone fancy stepping up to give it a lick of CSS
> paint? We can settle for the CSS overhaul or get right up to our elbows
> and edit the template, I'm not fussed either way and will probably
> insert the header and footer from the new site.

Why not use the new evolt CSS as is, and just change the bits that are
supposed to be planetized?

> Shouts of joy, screams of terror and all other responses welcome.

Joy! :)

Great idea, as it builds the 'sens of community'.

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