[theforum] [Sysadmin] Any evolt services still left on the raq?

Martin Burns martin at uckwa.org
Sun Dec 4 08:08:11 CST 2005

Dean wrote:

> members.evolt.org is still there.  The mail forwarding and the web  
> site
> redirection runs there.
> Dean
> Martin Burns wrote:
> >
> > Have we migrated all of evolt's services off the box that Mike and I
> > pay for at Rackshack/EV1

OK, how much work is involved in moving this last bit off?

for theforum - how long are we proposing to support historic MEO  
accounts? We closed MEO on March 15th 2003, so have been supporting  
it after closure for probably as long as it was open. I'm guessing  
(hoping?) that once we're on tempest, we won't be moving again for a  
*good long* time, so won't need any further maintenance.

Me, I'm entirely ambivalent about it, but it just seems a bit of a  
loose end that we haven't thought about.


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