[theforum] Design Competition: last chance for comment

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Mar 2 03:45:36 CST 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 14:42:26 -0500, "David Kaufman" <david at gigawatt.com> wrote:
> Martin Burns <martin at easyweb.co.uk> wrote:
>> Sarah Adams <mrsanders at designshift.com> wrote:
>>> Should some kind of prize be offered? I'm thinking something small,
>>> like [something small.  Even a mug] is nice to have as a
>>> reminder of a job well done, and would be a good conversation piece
>>> for the winner - might help spread the word about evolt as well,
>>> which is always good :)
>> Good thinking - how about for all shortlisted entries..?
>> (Actually, I'd like to do it for *all* entries, but don't know if
>> budget will permit - David..?)
> I guess that depends on how short the short list would be, of course....
> :-)  But our cost on the two coffee mug sizes is $11 and $12 per.  I
> suppose giving away 10 or 15 of these would seem reasonable.

OK, let's see how many entries we get and then decide whether it's all
entrants, or shortleet.

> We *could* certainly do more, (or do a more expensive item... or give
> winners a *choice* of items) if we wanted to.

Cafepress being cafepress, there's no reason why we couldn't do an exclusive
"I power evolt.org" for this purpose... put up the design, order 'em, take
it down so you can't buy the things.

And dunno - bluskying here - maybe do some "evolt star" stickers or some such
low-cost recognition to ppl who make outstanding contributions to the list, as
a surprise thing.

>  We have a comfy nest-egg
> of about $1800 and have this year finally begun to *grow* it a bit each
> month (instead eating into it a bit each month), since completing the
> server switch.  Also the subscription of a couple of a couple of kind,
> generous and selfless monthly-donors has helped out as well!

Well that's fantastic news!

> Goole revenue's still modest ut reliable, while Cafepress sales have
> been nill since like, last summer.  I'm guessing that's because the
> designs are old (and cafepress's site somewhat ugly).  Speaking of
> competitions, wouldn't it be neat if we held one where evolters get to
> submit the next evolt t-shirt or coffee-mug content?  Maybe some fresh
> tot-bag and mousepad content would kickstart evolt gear sales.

Yeah. Let's do that once this is done and dusted.

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