[theforum] Design contest

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Mar 16 13:01:38 CST 2006

Johannes Reichardt offered a neat design and asked:

>>Btw: Anybody in here? What kind of list is that? The silencio Forum?

Hi Johannes,

'theforum' is actually more of an "internal working committee" kind of
list, (I'm sure there are descriptions of the various lists on the evolt
signup page), so it tends to be kinda quiet unless there is something
going on that needs a decision or a vote.

'thelist' is the more workaday list for getting input on neat designs
like the one you offered, or for picking folks brains about technical
issues or approaches you may be interested in.

'thechat' is for shooting the breeze, goofing off, or connecting with
the rest of the folks more as a friend than a colleague.



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