[theforum] some questions about evolt.org

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 7 17:50:22 CDT 2006

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javier velasco wrote:

> 1
> What's the current memebership count for thelist?

3651.  However, some of those are likely to be duplicates.

> 2
> ... for thesite?


> 5
> Member profiles on WEO used to display the author's article list and 
> tips. This is no longer available. Was this something we lost when 
> moving into drupal for lack of labor-power?

Lack of time to learn the proper way to integrate the tip count into
Drupal.  I could hack something in place but it wouldn't be the "right"
way to do it.

> 6
> m.e.o. is no longer working. Why was this, lack of servers?

It was decided the m.e.o was a waste of resources (bandwidth, time, CPU
power).  We no longer wanted to do hosting and duplicate f2o.org.  Most
of the e-mail we were getting was SPAM and most of the people signing up
where leeches.  The plan was to create evolters.org which would be where
community members could have "space".  I believe that the plan was to
have it limited to things like blogs, gallerys, etc.

> 7
> was it the same case with d.e.o.?

d.e.o still exists.  Neither d.e.o nor l.e.o were converted to Drupal
because of a lack of time and/or will.


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