[theforum] some questions about evolt.org

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Apr 8 02:18:37 CDT 2006

On Fri, 07 Apr 2006 16:50:22 -0600, Dean Mah <dmah at shaw.ca> wrote:
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> javier velasco wrote:
>> 1
>> What's the current memebership count for thelist?
> 3651.  However, some of those are likely to be duplicates.
>> 2
>> ... for thesite?
> 211.

This is thesite mailinglist that doesn't actually do anything for evolt
any more? Other than one thread last month, the last weo-development
post on thesite was here:

The equivalent list is now desdev, but again, much of its function
was taken over by theforum during the redesign last year. It *should*
go back again...

>> 5
>> Member profiles on WEO used to display the author's article list and
>> tips. This is no longer available. Was this something we lost when
>> moving into drupal for lack of labor-power?
> Lack of time to learn the proper way to integrate the tip count into
> Drupal.  I could hack something in place but it wouldn't be the "right"
> way to do it.

Re article list, this was going to be part of the drupal build, but when
we moved from 4.5 to 4.6, this module wasn't available in 4.6. However,
it seems that the functionality is available in 4.7 (currently at rc2).

>> 6
>> m.e.o. is no longer working. Why was this, lack of servers?
> It was decided the m.e.o was a waste of resources (bandwidth, time, CPU
> power).  We no longer wanted to do hosting and duplicate f2o.org.  Most
> of the e-mail we were getting was SPAM and most of the people signing up
> where leeches.  The plan was to create evolters.org which would be where
> community members could have "space".  I believe that the plan was to
> have it limited to things like blogs, gallerys, etc.

That said, time has moved on in the 3 years, and the need for evolters.org
imo has gone away with the availability of 3rd party sites. *The* killer
app is the aggregated blog, which planet.evolt.org is doing nicely for us,
but could also be achieved with drupal aggregation. We *could* also allow
evolt members to have blogs on weo, even limit it to specific users (the
original evolters idea was to be a pay-to-play). But as I said, it's
redundant now. We don't need the money anyway.

>> 7
>> was it the same case with d.e.o.?
> d.e.o still exists.  Neither d.e.o nor l.e.o were converted to Drupal
> because of a lack of time and/or will.

Other than the mailman admin, most of leo's web face is just one page.
deo *could* be done as a drupal site, which would give lots of nice
bonuses (RSS of latest links? *Maybe* Single Sign On (theoretically
possible, but not seen it actually working)).

What's your deadline on this Javier? Can it wait until after the
design competition has been decided?


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