[theforum] some questions about evolt.org

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Apr 11 13:20:32 CDT 2006

On 11 Apr 2006, at 19:03, Richard Bennett wrote:

> On Tuesday 11 April 2006 19:22, Martin Burns wrote:
>>>  we can blog about the redesign contest,
>> So, how are we going with that? Anyone actually working on anything?
> Maybe it would be good to post weekly reminders to the list, as I'm  
> sure a lot
> of people missed that one email, or like me, forgot about it.

Yeah, good thinking.

> Also, you could send a news article to drupal.org - quite likely  
> some people
> there might want to join in.

Did already...

If you want to repost, then go ahead :-)

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