[theforum] evolt.org redesign tip

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Tue Apr 11 14:14:00 CDT 2006

<tip type="webdesign">

Just a reminder that time is running out if you want to join in the evolt.org 
redesign contest.

If you're like me, doing something like this makes a welcome change from the 
work we should be doing, and you can file it under R & D as you're bound to 
learn a lot from it.
Or maybe you're just starting-out, and are in the chicken-egg situation, no 
customers because you have no experience, and no experience because you can't 
get any work? Here's a chance to break out of that, get some experience, and 
have something for your portfolio, whether you win or not.

So here's the original design brief:

Ever looked at the evolt site and thought "I could do better than that"?
Ever thought "All very nice, but it's a bit 1999"?
Ever thought "It's not using *half* the potential that Drupal (plus  
modules) gives it"?
Ever thought "Wish we could be as gorgeous as $insertsitehere"?

Well, now's your chance. Evolt.org is proud to announce a grand  
Design Contest, to
redesign www.evolt.org. If your entry wins, it becomes the new design  
- simple, eh?

Background, rules and so on at
but the key things are:
1) The site's staying in Drupal
2) Ease of implementation is as important as beauty of design
3) Entries in by end April


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