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Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] alan at www-ss.com
Thu Sep 7 11:46:13 CDT 2006

Paul Waring wrote:
> On 05/09/06, Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] <alan at www-ss.com> wrote:
>> It seems awfully quiet around here. Do we have many active members?
>> Should we start recruiting members to help out and get some momentum
>> going again?
> It depends how you define "active". I read the lists and hang about in
> #evolt, but I don't generally start a thread of conversation. The site
> does seem to have died off compared to a few years ago though.

I would like to suggest we kill off all other management lists with the
exception of 'content' and 'sysadmin' for now. Bring back the running of
evolt to theforum.

Then perhaps we can get some new blood involved and see if we can
generate some momentum.

I really don't want to see evolt die completely.


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