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Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] alan at www-ss.com
Thu Sep 7 14:20:31 CDT 2006

Luther, Ron wrote:

> I suspect the lions share of any discussions that would have made use of
> those lists are currently taking place on the evolt IRC channel.  In
> other words, I don't think its so much that those groups or that
> functionality is no longer needed or being addressed - I just think its
> being meted through a different medium today.
> I suspect you will hear more on that once the UK contingent 'wakes up'!
> ;-)

I hope so. That is what this message was designed to do. IE: Stir up
some interest.
I am not sure what groups are exactly active though even through IRC.
Most things seem to have just stopped. I hope I am wrong, but from what
I have heard from others that is just not the case.

> Since I'm not actually doing any of that work myself I don't have any
> strong feelings on what vehicle should be used.  If the folks doing the
> work are comfortable with IRC, then I'm okay with that.  If they want it
> on a list so there is an archive, I'm okay with that too.

At least on theforum every one knows what is going on. Not just a select
few. From looking through all the archives and the site I would suggest
that not much is happening.

>>> On another note how is evolts finances? Who pays the server bill now?
> Hmmmm ... Last I heard I thought it was Dave Kaufman ... but I really
> haven't been keeping too close a track.  I'm sure someone who knows for
> sure will jump in momentarily and set us straight.

cool :)

> Being world-wide means our votes and discussions take a little longer to
> work their way through various time / space / tandoori zones.  Lets be
> patient.  HTH,

It always has. Hence theforums existence. It is a way for all members to
express their views irrespective of time zone etc.


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