[theforum] Vote Request

Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] alan at www-ss.com
Thu Sep 7 19:33:07 CDT 2006

Martin Burns wrote:
> On 7 Sep 2006, at 20:06, Luther, Ron wrote:
>> Since I'm not actually doing any of that work myself I don't have any
>> strong feelings on what vehicle should be used.  If the folks doing  
>> the
>> work are comfortable with IRC, then I'm okay with that.  If they  
>> want it
>> on a list so there is an archive, I'm okay with that too.
> I think there's a wisdom in that.
> While Dean has certainly done very large amounts of work for evolt  
> (particularly sysadminy), I wouldn't think it fair to say he's a lone  
> martyr. Speaking as one who has also put in a fair amount of  
> spadework, I hope I'm not sadly mistaken in hoping that anyone voting  
> for changes is also accepting ownership for implementing them and  
> making them work...

I agree 100%. I have not been active very much lately so have *not*
spoken up.

Now I find I can donate my time. So I have also spoken up *for* change.
However even people who don't do the work should have a voice surely???


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