[theforum] Vote Request

Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] alan at www-ss.com
Thu Sep 7 20:13:14 CDT 2006

Judah McAuley wrote:

> I'm an old Evolter that's trying to get more engaged with the internet 
> at large once again, starting writing articles, etc. As far as 
> consolidating lists goes, I think the idea may have merit, but I'd wait 
> on it a bit.
> The way I see it, we should just try to generate traffic on theforum. If 
> people are talking and the discussions that happen here are enough to 
> effectively run things, then the other lists are easy enough to delete. 
> If, on the other hand, discussion starts heating up here and we find 
> that some of the discussion is not useful/of interest for theforum and 
> it belongs on one of the other lists, then that's easy enough to 
> accommodate because those lists already exist.

Agreed but what you have to remember is not everyone has access to the
other lists. So if we do keep them we need to think about who does what
and has access to what(again).

> Having those lists available doesn't mean we have to utilize them. Not 
> having them around does me we can't use them. So I'd propose that we try 
> to get this list more active and then see what happens.

Again as long as we address access then this could be an idea.

> Oh, and I do, in fact, need a technical blog. I really don't feel like 
> setting one up on my own domain at the moment. I'd love to have an blog 
> at blogs.evolt.org/judah or somesuch though. I think it would be a good 
> spot for a technical blog and it would reinforce my association with the 
> Evolt community.

Agreed I wouldn't say no to one either. I would like to keep it running
through drupal for simplicity. That should not be too hard though.

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