[theforum] Vote Request

Paul Waring pwaring at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 14:26:34 CDT 2006

On 07/09/06, Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] <alan at www-ss.com> wrote:
> OK so going by the archives these lists and I suppose the groups them
> selves have died (please let me know if I am wrong).

I think declaring a list such as desdev 'dead' after only a few months
without posts is perhaps jumping the gun, although I do think it
overlaps with theforum anyway. All the other groups sound dead,
especially ones which haven't had posts for over a year (two in the
case of marketing by the looks of things). So I'm in favour of merging
them all into one list (doesn't have to be theforum, but that would
seem the most sensible choice).


Rogue Students

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