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Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] alan at www-ss.com
Thu Sep 7 14:40:22 CDT 2006

Paul Waring wrote:

> I think declaring a list such as desdev 'dead' after only a few months
> without posts is perhaps jumping the gun, 

I agree perhaps I was jumping the gun on that one a bit. But was it not
desdev that organised the redesign competition? What happened to that?

> All the other groups sound dead,
> especially ones which haven't had posts for over a year (two in the
> case of marketing by the looks of things). So I'm in favour of merging
> them all into one list (doesn't have to be theforum, but that would
> seem the most sensible choice).

I think evolt used to function a lot better and with more community
spirit when everything was focused around theforum. We could create
*another* new list but why bother when we have one here.

Dean quit because he felt like he was the only one with any interest.
Now that might be wrong, I really hope others have some interest in
evolt, but Dean leaving should sound the warning bells. Lets pull this
thing together now! Before it is to late.

We used to have a great community (yes I know i use that word a lot)
what do we have now?


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