[theforum] Vote Request

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Sep 7 16:58:44 CDT 2006

Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] wrote:
> Hello
> Couple of points
> 1)
> OK so going by the archives these lists and I suppose the groups them
> selves have died (please let me know if I am wrong).
> thesite   - no messages since Feb 2006
> steering  - no messages since April 2005
> marketing - no messages since March 2004
> Finance   - no messages since October 2005
> DesDev    - no messages since June 2006
> I suggest disbanding them and moving all these groups functionality back
> to theforum.


I suggest the following:

Retain primary and initial discussions regarding all major aspects of
evolt.org ops, management and development on theforum.

Divert potentially distracting indepth discussions to the relevant list,
i.e. ops to sysadmin, financial discussions (which may be confidential in
nature, cf google adsense revenue which cannot be divulged publicly under
t'n'c's) to finance, and so on, and return decisions and discussion
summaries to theforum for information and for when further general decisions
require to be discussed and made.

The above was, iirc, the original intent of such sub-lists, and there is no
reason for this to change.  The stale nature of a list should not imo be
given as rationale for killing it.  What needs to change is the level of
involvement by all.

We don't need another redesign competition, we don't need another redesign
(not right now), nor do we need votes.  We need content, we need people to
provide that content, we need people to consume that content, we need people
to manage that content, and we possibly need people to think of new things
to do with evolt.org.

evolt.org is dying a slow death: let's re-energise the site by making it
useful again.

I will try and divert some time into looking at beo again over the next few
days - except Saturday when I will be in Fife watching planes go zoom,
neooow and woooosh over an RAF air base - to make it easier to navigate and
easier to suggest browsers.

> 2)
> On another note how is evolts finances? Who pays the server bill now?

Yes, this info would be useful.  How much are we generating from google
adsense on beo?  How much are we generating from ad-hoc and subscribed
paypal payments?

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