[theforum] Vote Request

Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com] alan at www-ss.com
Thu Sep 7 19:09:32 CDT 2006

William Anderson wrote:
> The discussions never happened.  If you want to faff with mailing lists,
> please, be my guest, but I'm concerned that we're focusing in the wrong
> direction.
> Has anyone considered canvassing for opinions on thelist or on the site itself?

I was going to suggest the same thing. I remember we did something
similar a few years ago. Asking for suggestions/ideas.

But lets sort one problem at a time. The management of evolt is not
"focusing in the wrong direction" in my opinion. If the majority want
the same fragmented approach then fine, we can move on. If not we can
change things then move on.

The site has been dead for months now (apart from all the work Dean put
in) a few more days is not going to hurt. Thelist will be fine for a few
days as well.

We do need ideas, I agree with you. We do need action. But we also need
to know what is happening and who is doing what.

How many people have admin privs on weo, beo etc?
Who is responsible for paying the bills and collecting money?
Who is in charge? (steering)

A few more days won't hurt.

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