[theforum] Vote Request

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Sep 8 11:32:24 CDT 2006

|:.From: Alan Lloyd [www-ss.com]
|:.Oh, when was the last election to steering? Is that still an 
|:.on going thing?

Steering has been on hiatus for a while now. As well as some of the lists.
We did combine some of the lists a short while back (maybe a year or so).
marketing is for example a retired list.

I can't remember which lists exactly were retired and I don't have the time
to find that info atm.
all I remember is that we did some merging :)

I agree with the notion of doing as much as possible on theforum, but I also
agree with the notion not to terminate the lists as such. Even though little
is discussed on finance, both David Kaufman and myself are recipients of any
email sent to treasurer at e.o.
For a good while now David does the work and I monitor :)
The main point being that any transaction is cc'd to me as well.

The rest of what I intended to write when I started replying to this email
has been replied to in other people's replies :)

I alas have little to no time to donate, but I will however continue to
follow up on evolt.org's finances, I read the email the treasurer gets and
follow up with them, even though I almost never reply anymore.

I haven't given up on evolt.org, but advances in my life have meant that I
have strayed away from webdeveloping and further towards ICT legal matters

So, Dave, now you know that I still monitor you ;)

expect sporadic comments from me from time to time, as I will respond to
some of the emails, in particular answering questions about the past that
need answering ... (no, I won't put another smiley in there ... I swear).

*the smiley-abusing one*

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