[theforum] Vote Request

Alan Lloyd alan at www-ss.com
Sat Sep 9 20:22:10 CDT 2006

William Anderson wrote:

> I'd like to ask that we stop for a minute - well, quite a few actually - and
> take stock.

This is what usually happens. Then we get no where fast.

William why can't we all work together to breath some life into evolt
instead of *stopping* again.

I am not going to comment on the rest of your post in depth. You made a
lot of *good* points. But now is not the time to stop. If you don't like
what I proposed *I respect that* and you have a voice through a formal
*vote*. So does everyone here. At least that was how it was supposed to

I am trying to focus the community *not stop it again*. All the work
that has been done by *the people* in the existing groups was *great*.
*Is great.* We just don't *need* the formal groups any more. The groups
were formed when we had *lots* of active members in theforum (Matt
explained it better than I can) now we don't!

*What we need is the people*. This is just one thread, yes I called a
vote. What I really wanted I got. The community talking again. Now lets
do something positive and get thing done.

We can talk, there must be talk. But lets not stand still to do it!


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