[theforum] Vote Request

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Sat Sep 9 22:11:26 CDT 2006

Greetings All,

Alan Lloyd wrote:
> William Anderson wrote:
>> I'd like to ask that we stop for a minute - well, quite a few actually - and
>> take stock.
> This is what usually happens. Then we get no where fast.
> William why can't we all work together to breath some life into evolt
> instead of *stopping* again.

> We can talk, there must be talk. But lets not stand still to do it!
> William Anderson wrote:
>> Measure twice, cut once, is all I'm saying.  Breakneck pace is called that
>> for a reason, I think.
I believe this is good advice, all of it (including posts I did not 
quote in this response); and suggest we combine the thoughts to continue 
breathing more life into evolt.

How about moving immediately to get the new theme in as soon as 
possible, while focusing the discussion on the destination of evolt, 
what it will/should include, and then be attentive and open minded to 
adjustments to get there as we walk the path.

The needed organization to support what is built will make itself 
apparent while working with what we have. But we can't believe that it 
will be set in stone, we have to be adaptable to new needs and technologies.

I have always believed that focus on the goal (got to know what it is) 
and working toward it, tends to take care of the details missed up front 
as you go there.

Therefore, we don't really have to *stop* and  talk. We can talk while 
doing some things for improvement. We can do a full plan with lots of 
detailed docs, or not. We can play it by ear and adjust as we go, or 
not. Those things will work themselves out while walking the path, if 
the goal is kept in focus.

I purposely keyed evolt instead of evolt.org, evolters.org, 
lists.evolt.org or any of our current entities. Because:
"We are a community of like minded people, web professionals, promoting 
the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences. To this end 
we . . ." evolve?, revolutionize?, adapt?, whatever it takes? to improve 
what currently is.

I thank you all for being part of a community that has has helped me 
learn and grow in many ways.

Ron D.
(there are several old dogs that are still paying attention, enjoying 
and learning)

p.s. Thank you Alan, for bringing the mission statement back to the 
front. I miss it in the mailing list footers.

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