[theforum] Vote Request

Alan Lloyd alan at www-ss.com
Sat Sep 9 20:45:32 CDT 2006

William Anderson wrote:
> - I think I'm offended 

Don't be offended. It just proves that other people care about evolt.

>   that someone thinks they can swoop in and rework
>   the community and processes in their own way,

Not swooping and *not* trying to rework the community. Again I am just
trying to focus the community. With every one spread out over different
list it will be even harder to get anything done was my point. Moving
things back to theforum (even temporarily) will *help us not hinder us*.

>   and simultaneously
>   saddened that such action is really required to wake everyone up -
>   myself included - and make us think "evolt.org" again (and it is
>   required, I don't doubt that or challenge that for a second).

That was my reasoning when I started this thread. *It was needed*


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