[theforum] Evolt Living (was What is evolt, where is it going...)

Alan Lloyd alan at www-ss.com
Fri Sep 8 10:43:52 CDT 2006

Matt Warden wrote:

> So tell me some new ideas for evolt that you have.
> Let's get evolt living again.

Well for one I thing we need to try to bring evolt together. Yes evolt
started as a mailing list. So why not involve that mailing list a bit more.

evolt as a whole has fragmented. Even some of the most active members
admit they forget about weo for extended periods of time. If you look at
weo there is nothing on the front page about what we are or who we are.

Should this not be the first article. I did dig around to see if there
was something I could promote to the front page but there was nothing
really suitable.

I would be happy to write something if someone can proof read it
afterwards. My spelling and grammar is not that good :( Or someone else
can write something.

But now is the time, anyone, if you have any ideas no matter how silly
they sound let us know now.


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