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Jeremy Weiss eccentric.one at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 17:05:46 CDT 2006

Alan, after logging in, go to Administer --> Settings and there is a block
for the mission statement. I'd recommend putting the info there. Then go to
Administer --> Themes --> Configure and make sure to check the box next to
'Mission Statement'

Now, this is where the fun may start. Evolt's custom theme may not have the
needed code in it to display the mission block. If you go back to the front
page and it's not there, let me know and I can help modify the theme to
include the mission statement.

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> Hello
> Is it possible to add a block to the centre column on the 
> front page of weo. I can see how to add a block to either the 
> left or right side but not the centre.
> What I want to do (with approval) is put a short (1 or 2 
> paragraphs) piece above the articles. This piece would just 
> be a welcome and explanation feature. Pointing out the 
> mailing lists, content and anything else we decide we want 
> there. This could be a way to point out what we do offer the 
> community.
> Is this doable with drupal as it stands or would we need to 
> add a new module in.
> Alan
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