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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Sep 14 17:26:00 CDT 2006

On 13 Sep 2006, at 07:41, Stéphane Deschamps wrote:

>> I'll happily volunteer to add anyone's feed as soon as I have SSH  
>> access[1]
>> (tonight with luck; Thursday night if not as the port is blocked from
>> my current client office), but it makes sense to use Drupal's own
>> aggregating functionality (pretty tootin good if you ask me) as it  
>> lets
>> people self-manage.
> We've used drupal for what- more than two years now? I still feel
> uncomfortable with it. I know it's not a real problem since I'm not
> doing much content work these days, but the terminology it uses
> throughout is obscure for me. "Moderate comments"?

All terminology is configurable (we've done a bit already), and  
what's more, can be set differently for different languages (yes,  
it's all nicely l10n and i18n supporting)

>> Whether we do this sooner (would take a config change to point the
>> domain at the right place on weo), or as part of implementing a new
>> design I'm entirely agnostic about.
> Gah? Wouldn't we need new drupal templates in order to present the
> aggregation the way planet does?

Nope. It's an apache config change mainly.

Take a look at:
(for some reason, it's aggregating thespool twice)

You can even do categorisation:
(all blogs about Perl for example)

> And (reiterating a question that was overlooked in the flow of other
> emails) wasn't one of Isaac's designs incorporating feeds into the  
> main
> weo page and how is this idea going to be incorporated into the  
> proposed
> new designs?

Yep. There's even a nice module that lets you do very different  
things with the front page (and different things depending on whether  
you're logged in or not). I'm using it on http://www.purpur.co.uk/. I  
*thought* I'd implemented this on weo.easyweb.co.uk but apparently  


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