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Fri Sep 15 16:45:49 CDT 2006

<quote who='Elfur Logadóttir' when='15/09/2006 20:52'>
> Hey Steph,
> before you start spending time with any translation[1] note that there are a
> lot of translations available  on the Drupal website:
> http://drupal.org/project/Translations
> then it's just about adjusting the lingo within each language :)
> cheers
> elfur 
> [1] if i misunderstood you and you aren't about to translate anything, then
> just ignore me :)

I wouldn't dare ignore a lady and still call myself a frenchman, Elfur :)

But actually I kind of remember Martin mentioning i18n the first time 
drupal was mentioned, and I think there's a drop-down somewhere in one's 
options. I'll look for it. After Paris Web, that is.

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