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Stéphane Deschamps lists at nota-bene.org
Mon Sep 11 09:37:07 CDT 2006

<quote who='Max Schwanekamp' when='08/09/2006 02:23'>

> For my part, I'd suggest we cultivate closer and more obvious ties to
> related groups/publications, such as A List Apart (thought ALA is itself a
> bit moribund lately) and more directly css-discuss.  E.g. thelist sees a
> goodly number of posts that get a link to the css-discuss wiki as a reply.
> CSS-D has a huge volume list and a wiki.  No site, no articles.  Evolt has a
> medium-volume list (thelist) and a site.

You've got a good point, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

As Martin said earlier, maybe it's because evolt focused on the 
beginners POV, but why is css-d so active and ala/thelist are slowing 
down? Maybe because the web has become more professional than when we 
all started, and industrial (read /fragmented/ here). Thus specific 
server-side lists, CSS lists, etc have a bigger or more focused volume.

This said, I unsubbed from thelist maybe two years ago because I had no 
time to reply and had the oh-this-question-again impression too often.

At the same time I still think that a general-purpose, broad-picture 
list is a good thing, as we don't always want to have a myopic outlook 
on things.

I'm not suggesting anything -- just trying to explain the situation in 
more detail.

/me goes back to lurking
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